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Service Layers

Die Siemens AG beauftragte den Systemintegrator iC Consult mit der Ablösung des bestehenden unternehmensweiten Authentifi zierungssystems durch eine moderne IAM-Lösung. Im Mittelpunkt stand dabei der Wunsch nach noch höherer Verfügbarkeit, Geschwindigkeit und Sicherheit. Weiterlesen.

Siemens AG commissioned the system integrator iC Consult to replace the existing company-wide authentication system with a modern IAM solution. The main goals were even higher availability, speed, and security. Read more.

Whitepaper: IAM - Globalizatiopn & large-scale enterprise

By Warwick Ashford, KuppingerCole – Read now.

Security and identity must evolve in order to support today’s IT. While traditional IT appears being rather simple to secure, current security risks necessitate a greater degree of agility: shifting to DevOps paradigms, implementing a CI/CD chain, running services in hybrid cloud environments (or wherever else). This requires a security angle on DevOps, which you might name DevSecOps.

In this webinar you will learn the details of securing DevOps environments and shifting to DevSecOps and talk about how to efficiently set up security and identity for the mixed IT infrastructures of today and how to protect DevOps, at all levels.

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In this webinar, Andre Priebe, CTO of iC Consult Group, will give you an overview of the options available on the market when it comes to implementing a customer identity platform, along with their advantages and disadvantages.
Mathias Conradt, Enterprise Solutions Engineer at Auth0, will then discuss the journey from building multiple individual login forms for each app, to buying an identity platform to support all your needs, complemented by an Auth0 live demo.

In this joint webinar you will learn about:

  • Why Identity Management is a key factor in business
  • The pros & cons of building vs. buying a customer identity platform
  • The total cost of ownership of both possible solutions
  • Examples of what a customer identity platform should be able to support
  • What the Auth0 Solution looks like and how it supports these requirements

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In diesem Webinar gibt Ihnen Andre Priebe einen Überblick über die Möglichkeiten, die es bei der Implementierung einer Customer Identity Plattform derzeit auf dem Markt gibt und welche Vor- und Nachteile diese mit sich bringen. Mathias Conradt wird dann den Weg vom Aufbau mehrerer individueller Anmeldeformulare für jede App bis zum Kauf einer Identity Platform für all Ihre Bedürfnisse anhand einer Auth0-Live-Demo erläutern.

In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie mehr über:
  • Die Relevanz von Identitätsmanagement im Unternehmen
  • Die Vor- und Nachteile von selbst entwickeln vs. dem Kauf einer Customer Identity Plattform
  • Die Total Cost of Ownership der beiden möglichen Lösungen
  • Beispiele dafür, was eine Customer Identity Plattform unterstützen sollte
  • Die Auth0-Lösung und wie sie diese Anforderungen unterstützt.

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With Service Layers, the iC Consult Group offers something truly unique: Identity and Access Management as a managed service, based on market leading products and without regional borders.

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Digitale Transformation ist in aller Munde – und das schon eine ganze Weile. Aus den ersten, einfachen Webshops in den 2000er Jahren hat sich ein komplexes digitales Ökosystem entwickelt. Die Möglichkeiten und Anforderungen haben sich seitdem vervielfacht. Heute geht es nicht mehr alleine darum, traditionelle Prozesse digital nachzubilden.

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Digital transformation has been on everyone’s lips for quite some time. A complex digital ecosystem has developed from the first, simple web shops of the 2000s. The opportunities and requirements have multiplied since then. Today, it is no longer just a question of digitally reproducing traditional processes.

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What speaks for a 100% automated IAM solution and which strengths and challenges does IdaaS provide? Kopplinger Cole’s Abstract View focuses on the essentials and shows what iC Consult, as the leading German IAM system integrator, can do for you with the scalable Identity & Access Management platform Service Layers.

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iC Consult Group is a leading vendor-independent consultancy and systems integrator. We specialise in Identity and Access Management as well as API
management solutions for global enterprises. (…)

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Service Layers is a scalable, managed identity & access management platform. It is based on market-leading products and includes infra structure and operational processes. (…)

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About this webinar

IAM products are highly configurable systems tailored to the diverse needs of customer environments and applications. Modern applications require short development cycles and IAM systems that can be adjusted at the same pace. Modern data centers are configuration-driven, resilient environments designed to meet rapidly changing application needs, and modern IAM solutions must be in line with this paradigm.
Introducing traditional IAM products into cloud containers is not a simple “lift and shift” operation, as it once was with the virtual machine infrastructure. Today’s micro-service-enabled, service-mesh-oriented infrastructure expects simple, resilient, self-discovery services instead of brittle monoliths that rely on manual configuration.
Operating IAM products with a DevOps setting in terms of automation, repeatability, and continuous improvement is possible through close collaboration between IAM, application, and infrastructure experts.
Recorded Jul 3 2019 38 mins
Presented by
Tim Hobbs, DevOps Evangelist, iC Consult Group
About this webinar:
In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie mehr über die strategischen Herausforderungen, die mit der Einführung von Customer Data Management-Lösungen einhergehen, und wie diese angegangen werden können.
Recorded Dec 7 2018 36 mins
Presented by Dr. Heiko Klarl, CMO / iC Consult Group